Driving Instructor Training No upfront fees and competitive pay as you go costs

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Driving Instructor Training

Very Competitive Pay as you go Fees, with no upfront cost

The cost per lesson is £50 per hour and a half lesson

Any other costs that I cannot remember go here and below if required

Roadcraft ask for NO upfront Driving Instructor Training Fees

At Roadcraft Driving Instructor Training School we believe that you need to assess whether it is the right profession for you before you continue, and you only ever pay as you train, no advance fees at all.

How do I become a Driving Instructor

In order to fully qualify as a DSA Approved Driving Instructor there are three separate exams that you will need to pass within a two year time frame. You must pass all three in order and cannot take an exam out of sequence. The three exams are as follows:

  • Computer-based theory & hazard perception test.
  • Practical test of your driving ability.
  • Practical test of your teaching ability.

If you would like to know more please continue to browse the website, or call John at Roadcraft and Join the growing numbers of people who john has taught to be driving Instructors.

Driving Instructor as a career

Do you wish to have a career where you can be your own boss and work the hours you choose? If you are good with people and want a job that brings real satisfaction and generates a reasonable income then Driving Instruction could be the career for you!

Decide that it is not for you

All our training is offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, you don't need to pay any large fees up front, and if you decide that becoming a driving instructor is not for you then you can quit with no financial penalties whatsoever.

Driving Instructor Training without restrictions

Please feel free to browse our website and that of other Driving Instructor training companies, unlike others though we ask for no upfront fees, or impose what can be troublesome time constraints. At Roadcraft we believe in leaving control with the most important person ... YOU.
Please call John with any questions you may have or to ask how you can become a driving instructor.

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