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Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

The Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) is a name given to any driving instructor who is qualified and has his/her name on the Driving Standard Agency' Register. It is an offence to accept payment for lessons if the person giving the lessons is not on the ADI Register, either as an ADI or a licensed trainee.

A Trainee Licence (NOT RECOMMENDED) is available to those who have passed the theory examination and the practical driving test and is only available to those who have had at least forty hours practical training. A requirement for the trainee licence is that you are supervised for 20% of all lessons during the life of the trainee licence and training records must be kept. The trainee licence costs £130 and only lasts six months and if you fail the final examination you may not be allowed to continue teaching under the trainee licence. (In our opinion this is not a good option as it is expensive and unnecessary and you have to display a "Trainee Licence Certificate" which does not instil confidence in the learners).

Roadcraft ask for NO upfront Driving Instructor Training Fees

At Roadcraft Driving Instructor Training School we believe that you need to assess whether it is the right profession for you before you continue, and you only ever pay as you train, no advance fees at all.

Good drivers don't always make good driving instructors

Being a good driver is far from being a good instructor. You must be able to teach an endless variety of people. Some will be very old, some will be very young and some will have no experience whilst others will have very little aptitude. Some will be confident others extremely nervous and you will also be expected to understand how to teach the disabled. The computations are endless. Your teaching method must be accurate and methodical. You must neither over stress your pupil nor must you lose control, you have to be able to give the best value for money, concentration, understanding etc., etc. The name of the game is being able to do your very best endlessly and with confidence. You will be taught all this and you can expect to prove to the Driving Standards Agency that you "KNOW YOUR JOB".

Driving Standards Agency

It should be realised that the Driving Standards Agency have all the say in how the tests are conducted and although the whole of the process is rather long winded, there is very little we can do about it except to make sure you pass each part first time.

Local Independent Training School

With Roadcraft personal tutor is a specialist ADI training consultant with many years experience in training ADI's which is important to you - after all, you do need to know you are spending your money wisely.

Driving Instructor Training without restrictions

Please feel free to browse our website and that of other Driving Instructor training companies, unlike others though we ask for no upfront fees, or impose what can be troublesome time constraints. At Roadcraft we believe in leaving control with the most important person ... YOU.
Please call John with any questions you may have or to ask how you can become a driving instructor.

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